How to get your husband to stop drinking? 3 ways to get rid of alcohol addiction!

Don't set up prohibition at home

Hiding alcohol, establishing a prohibition law at home, categorically opposing alcohol in any quantity is useless; this can lead to the opposite effect. The Forbidden fruit is sweet. If a man decides that he desperately needs to relax with the help of alcohol, but this is forbidden to him, he can rush into all seriousness: “Oh, they’ll scold you anyway!..” And overdo it. Instead of drinking a couple of glasses and going to bed quietly, he will buy a bottle of vodka - to spite everyone. And if the wife starts to make trouble again, she will go for a second one in order to drown out the next problem.

5 unconventional remedies to help you stop drinking

Alternative healing methods have been practiced for hundreds of centuries:

  • Washing hands with soap enchanted by Vanga's prayer . New unused soap should be spoken with the following sentence: “Don’t drink or drink, God’s servant (husband’s name), don’t walk around the house drunk! Wash your hands with this soap and you will forget about alcohol for the remaining years! Amen!". As you pronounce your sentence, look closely at the soap. Repeat the spell 10 times and put the charmed soap in the soap dish.
  • Conspiracy for knives. Text of the plot: “Knives! If you don’t drink water and vodka, then the servant of God (husband’s name) wouldn’t drink alcohol, I’ll forget about it forever!” First, place a large saucepan filled with water on the fire. When the liquid boils, place 7 knives in the vessel one by one and recite the spell 7 times. Wash the floor with water and pour it onto the intersection.
  • Tincture for bedbugs. Live bugs (10-30 pieces) need to be thrown into a 0.5 liter bottle of vodka and left for several days. Drinking such a drink will disgust your spouse.
  • Herbal decoction . Make a decoction of bearberry leaves (80 g of herb per glass of water). Give the drink once a day, 1 tbsp. l.
  • Eating sour apples. You need to give them to your spouse in the amount of 1 kg per day.

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Unconventional methods have saved thousands of lives from death in alcoholic oblivion.

Place the snack on the plate

What to do if your husband begins to abuse at a party or away? Try to switch his attention to something else. Watch to see if he takes a bite of alcohol, put something tasty on the plate. In the meantime, until the faithful one moves to the level of instincts, call a taxi, that is, it’s not the wife’s fault - she’s so angry, she won’t let you drink - but the taxi has arrived. “Darling, the car is at the entrance, the meter is spinning, we have to go, otherwise we’ll get caught out of money...” In this case, you can warn in advance that you are going to visit before 8 pm, and then you need to return home - put the children to bed, they won’t fall asleep without their mother . Or unite in the fight for sobriety with the owners of the house. Ask them to play along with you, for example, like this: “Dear guests, it’s time to say goodbye, we want to go to bed early and go to work tomorrow morning.”

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Stop forgiving

Forgiveness and acceptance are qualities that they try to instill in a girl from her youth, but in adulthood they can turn against you. In the case of a drinking husband, forgiveness and unconditional obedience have a negative impact not only on you, but also on the dependent person. By forgiving, you accept addiction into your life and demonstrate a calm attitude towards this phenomenon.

If you really want to get back the person you once loved and want to save him from addiction, let him feel all the guilt for what happened. Even when he is sober, you must perceive him as a stranger, because even in sobriety he remains dependent until he undergoes treatment and learns to deal with his weaknesses.

A man should not feel that he has the right to drink, and in the morning you will forgive him again. Only leading a completely sober lifestyle will give you a reason to treat your husband again as a loved one.

  • Show your sharply negative attitude, make him realize that the family does not accept the alcoholic.
  • Under no circumstances care for your husband when he has a hangover, do not bring him water or put him to bed. Let him sleep where he can go on his own. The feeling of shame is what he should feel.

Swap vodka for wine

If a man sometimes allows himself to get drunk, there is probably nothing mortally terrible about it. Moreover, there is even an observation that abstainers who are unable to relieve stress develop other problems, including diabetes and heart attacks. Negative emotions accumulate, the spring contracts, but there is no way out. But you need to know when to stop. Therefore, try to agree to gradually reduce the dose and reduce the degree: for example, instead of strong alcohol, buy wine or beer. This may work more effectively than a total ban.

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Reasons why my husband drinks

Before you start thinking about how to help your spouse get rid of this problem, you need to find out the reasons for its occurrence. Analyze and understand why the spouse started drinking, what contributed to this.

There can be many reasons, let’s highlight the most relevant ones:

  • problems at work;
  • problems in the family, misunderstanding on the part of the spouse, lack of support;
  • alcohol has become a hobby, often arising from boredom and feelings of inferiority
  • the wrong environment where alcohol is encouraged;
  • possible gene level, heredity;
  • prolonged stay in depression, stress;
  • the influence of the media, which promotes a busy life and alcohol;
  • low self-esteem;
  • a method of relaxation and entertainment.

Statistics show that most often a strong addiction to alcohol appears in people who experience discomfort and dissatisfaction with their life or its aspects: family, work, friends, colleagues.

Therefore, think about the possible causes of this illness in your spouse, analyze them. After all, the final result of healing and its effectiveness depend on understanding and neutralizing the causes of such a harmful hobby.

Think of other ways to relieve stress

If it is expected that your husband will be scolded at the upcoming meeting with his superiors, which means that when he comes home in an irritated state, he will again want to relieve stress in the usual way, try to be proactive. Discuss in advance possible options for spending the evening after a hard day - going to the cinema, jogging in the park, riding a roller coaster, going to the gym, etc. And thus unwind and switch gears. There will always be stress. It must be said that you can remove them not only with the help of alcohol. The main thing is that a person does not have a single way to cope with stress, but several alternative options. A smart woman will always suggest and put into a man’s head such a set of different ways to let off steam. Well, if a man said: “I need a drink,” it means that alternatives have already been discarded. Or they weren't there.

How to force your spouse to give up drinking without his knowledge

Alcohol destroys the family.
An alcoholic does not consider himself an addict. Convincing a drunkard that he is destroying his body, negatively affecting children and destroying his family is useless.

A loving woman is able to save her husband and save the family, even if her husband has no desire to do anything.

Interesting fact! The other spouse is involved in the alcoholism of one spouse. Psychologists have come to the conclusion that 50% of the blame for a husband’s drunkenness lies on the shoulders of the wife.

Realize the responsibility and find the strength to pull your loved one out of the networks of alcohol addiction.

Learn the real harm of alcohol

Take care of prevention. It is worth telling a man all sorts of horror stories from the series more often: he drank a glass - his liver failed, he drank two - he had a stomach ulcer, three - he gambled, etc. Tell scary stories from the lives of friends associated with alcohol. So, by the way, constantly instill disgust for abuse.

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Features of coding at a young age

An alcoholic who drinks beer every day and someone who goes on a binge for two weeks every month are not the same thing. To rid your spouse of a bad habit, it is important to understand the true cause of his trouble. Based on this, select treatment. If a spouse cannot give up drinking every day, then this is most likely fear, dissatisfaction with life and one’s own achievements.

Features of coding for men under 40 years of age:

Consequences of coding from alcoholism

  • At this age, alcoholism is not yet so advanced that it cannot be treated. Therefore, you should pay attention to the psychological side of the problem. Conversations with a psychologist, narcologist, or psychiatrist can help convince a man that life without alcohol is real.
  • It is necessary to help your spouse choose an activity that will be interesting to him in order to distract his brain from heavy thoughts and withdrawal symptoms.
  • Hypnosis and psychological coding methods are most effective at this age.
  • Medication coding is used if a person generally refuses any treatment and does not admit the fact of alcoholism.

If a man is unhappy with what is happening at home, he will not talk about it or seek help from a psychologist. He'll just go on a drinking binge. How to get your husband out of binge drinking? If the problem is precisely the psychological climate in the family, then you can invite your spouse to go on a visit or to the theater in the evening. You can come up with any entertainment program for several days in advance. This will help him restrain himself if the situation is not yet too advanced.

When the relationship is established and there is contact with the person, you can discuss the problem calmly. The form itself is important, how to do it. Under no circumstances should you tell your husband: “You are an alcoholic.” Facts are important. For example: “I don’t like that you drink beer every day.” It is difficult to argue with such a formulation, if this is indeed the case. And, starting from the recognized fact by both spouses, build the conversation further.

You can wean your husband off beer by offering him another, healthier alternative. New goals and their achievement are needed. To make life interesting and comfortable. No man will drink to court a woman. If a husband goes on a drinking binge, it means that married life is not interesting to him. She has no value to him. It is important to find out the reason that does not suit a man in life together.

To cope with a problem together, you need complete mutual understanding and trust. Perhaps the woman has neglected herself, and her appearance leaves much to be desired. Perhaps there is no mutual understanding in the family. Perhaps the man believes that his rights are being violated, that he is being used. He does not feel satisfaction; life seems hopeless to him. Loans, mortgages, debts, children's problems and a complete lack of personal life - this is how the problems of alcoholism in the family begin.

Medication coding for young men:

  • First you need to establish contact with your spouse. If he loves the children in the family and values ​​home comfort, then the threat of losing loved ones will become a serious incentive to change his life.
  • After an agreement has been reached, you need to discuss the terms of treatment with your husband. At home or in the hospital.
  • You will still need to be examined by a doctor. This is necessary to clarify the health status of the body. If there are serious injuries, the doctor will prescribe the necessary medications.
  • Treatment at home in any case should include psychological assistance from a competent specialist, spouse and close circle of friends and relatives.

Medication coding is carried out in the hospital

Young men are ambitious and ambitious. It is necessary to awaken in them the desire to achieve goals, to show them how interesting life can be. These people need support and faith in their strength from their spouse.


To code your husband sounds like a death sentence. What to do with binge alcoholics who do not want treatment? Wait for a precedent when it becomes possible to put a person in a hospital and treat him forcibly. Coding in this way solves the problem only as long as the drug lasts.

In hospitals, after a person is taken out of binge drinking, drugs are sewn under the skin that cause a strong aversion to alcohol. The person cannot drink. Ethanol entering the body causes a gag reflex. This treatment of alcoholics irritates them even more. After the drug wears off, they return to their old habits with a vengeance. And the problem is getting worse.

Such coding medications usually do not work for more than a year. It is impossible to wean someone off drunkenness by force. This period of calm can be used as an aid to build a dialogue about complete healing. After all, we are talking about psychological dependence. After a year of abstinence, the body is cleansed of alcohol and no longer needs it. An alcoholic returns to his habits due to psychological dependence.

During this year, it is strongly recommended to communicate with a psychologist who will create the right attitudes to help the person not return to his problems. When the husband is on a drinking binge, the woman is ready to take extreme measures. Forced hospitalization is common. It must be remembered that under any circumstances, if there is no consent and readiness for treatment, the result will be temporary.

Empathize and support

At a certain stage of intoxication, the concentration of attention becomes approximately the same as in a dream: what is more vivid and relevant reaches consciousness, the rest passes by. If at this moment a woman begins to nag, reprimand and scold her husband, this can cause sharp resistance and aggression, even physical violence. The person is already irritated, has entered, figuratively speaking, into a gloomy state and reacts at the level of instincts. Wise wives know: it’s better not to lecture a drunk (he’s not thinking well right now anyway), you need to calm him down, sympathize (let him cry into his vest, talk about his problems), and put him to bed. Wait until he comes to his senses, and then “fresh” - into battle.

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Constructive and calm presentation of information

Your grievances and anger can be easily understood, but when experiencing these emotions, we are not always able to convey to the person what we want to say, and then we become even more angry because they do not understand us. How to fix it?

  1. Try not to adopt a victim or aggressor attitude when talking to your spouse about important things.
  2. Feel like a diplomat, get rid of emotions.
  3. Between offensive and defensive positions, choose constructive communication.
  4. Stop attacking or being afraid, try to be aware of yourself at the time of conversation, present information calmly, try to support your point of view with arguments.

If you don't succeed, that's okay, just practice.
There is no need to immediately plan an escape and imagine how you pack your things. You married the person you intended to spend your life with, so find the courage to fight for your shared well-being. Show yourself love and respect, then your husband will not think that you are happy with everything when he drinks. Don't be afraid to talk to him sincerely about your fears, but don't turn everything into a conflict. One way or another, the problem will be solved, but you need to start with yourself, your own attitude towards alcohol, towards yourself, with love and respect for your own personality. Observe your own changes and adjust your behavior - then the power over life will be in your hands. Think about what to do to get your husband to stop drinking, how to change himself and external circumstances. You will not be able to plant the idea of ​​the need for treatment in your spouse’s head or forcefully persuade him to undergo rehabilitation. He must come to this conclusion himself, but you have the opportunity to create favorable conditions for this.

As soon as a person realizes that he has a problem and something needs to be changed in his life, the matter remains with the rehabilitation clinic. Positive changes will not come quickly; freeing an individual from addiction is a long process that requires the help of professionals. In this case, medication alone is also not enough; all spheres of a person must be involved - biological, psychological, social and spiritual.

What should you not do if a man likes alcohol?

  1. Give free rein to negative emotions. Immediately make a scandal, accuse, generalize (“You always…”, “You never…”), threaten (“If you don’t stop drinking, you won’t get sex”), etc. Such behavior will only cause aggression and a desire to respond in kind (“ If you don’t want to, I’ll go to my neighbor.”
  2. Drink with a man so that he gets less. When at least one of them maintains a sober mind, he can sensibly assess what is happening. Otherwise, the situation gets out of control. In the end, you can sleep like that.
  3. Make sudden movements and get into a fight. It is undesirable to wave a frying pan and a towel, or forcibly take away a glass or bottle. You can get a response.
  4. Embarrassment in front of everyone at a party. Since we came together, we must get out of it together, stand up for each other like a mountain. Not to finish, but to help.
  5. Compare your man with other people's husbands. “Petya doesn’t drink, what a great guy! And what is this onion grief on my head?”
  6. Run away from home if your husband comes home drunk. In the spirit: “Since you drink, I’ll leave.” And run away to your mom or friend. And after a while it may click in a man’s head: “Where did your wife go for the night, what if she went to her lover? We must go look! And find adventures on your own.

What is codependency

A codependent is a person who lives with an addict. If the husband drinks, the wife automatically becomes codependent. This phenomenon also occurs with drug addiction, smoking, gambling and other addictions. It is characterized by the special behavior of relatives.

No one becomes an alcoholic overnight, it is a gradual process. For a year or two or even several years, relatives and friends have been observing this situation and trying to intervene. The wife feels special responsibility for the health and behavior of her husband, while his zone of control decreases. Psychotherapists note that the relationship between spouses begins to resemble the relationship between mother and child. She persuades him to stop drinking, but he doesn’t want to do this, or only stops drinking for a while. Priorities shift, and the wife already dreams only that her husband will no longer drink.

Narcologists recommend looking at the situation through the eyes of your husband. He drinks, but his life doesn't get any worse. The husband receives even more attention, but does not stop, because over time he understands better and better that his wife will not leave him in trouble. He puts the responsibility on her shoulders. A woman must recognize her codependency and understand when it goes beyond normal partnerships.

Psychologist's advice

Psychologists recommend that women whose boyfriends suffer from alcoholism stop in time. That is, stop watching them excessively, saving them if this is no longer possible. You should admit your powerlessness and run to specialists.

A woman should not live the life of an alcoholic. That is, often when women get up in the morning they already think about what will happen in the evening - to let them in or not to let them in, to swear, cry or be hysterical. This will not lead to anything good, only to neuroses. You need to find yourself a hobby, activity or hobby. An alcoholic must decide for himself what he wants in life and a woman should not depend on his mood.

Note! Psychologists recommend understanding the reason for a guy’s alcoholism. To do this, you can go to a psychologist, visit family constellations. This will help the woman not feel guilty and understand why she agrees to such a life.


  • You cannot reproach a drunk man or argue with him about the dangers of alcohol, as this can only cause aggression in him.
  • You shouldn’t constantly “nag” it.
  • There is no need to threaten an alcoholic if you do not plan to keep your promises.

Causes of alcoholism in men

Before you fight a negative habit, analyze the situation and understand what exactly pushes your spouse to the laughing liquid. The main reasons are:

  • Genetics (for example, parents were drinkers).
  • There is no goal in life.
  • There is no willpower.
  • Provocations of friends who like to drink.
  • Escape from problems with a bottle.
  • Tense atmosphere in the family. In this case, improve the atmosphere, and perhaps the question of how to stop drinking alcohol will disappear.

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Coding using hypnosis has become fashionable. In developed countries, hypnosis is used for many reasons. So, doctors can get to the patient’s subconscious and find out what is hidden by consciousness, something that the person himself is not aware of. Coding using hypnosis acts like programming at a subtle level of the subconscious. The person does not know the reasons, but stops drinking. This powerful effect can be provided by competent specialists, whose selection should be approached carefully.

Entering a state of hypnosisSpecialists resort to a special timbre of voice, softening the patient’s consciousness and entering the palace of his mind. Vibration of brain waves corresponds to the stage of deep sleep, when the brain is most receptive to information
Settings during hypnosisDuring hypnosis, the psychiatrist creates settings for a sober lifestyle. It forms an aversion to alcohol, changes the patient’s psyche, reprogramming him
Coming out of hypnosisAfter emerging from hypnosis, the patient does not remember anything. He cannot articulate what he has heard. And he doesn't feel any difference at all. But at a critical moment he catches himself acting differently - not as he always did.

Hypnosis for alcoholism should only be performed by a qualified specialist. Incorrect settings may result in reactions that were not intended. Before hypnosis, the doctor finds out how malleable the person is and whether he is even capable of suggestion. Coding a spouse is a responsible step. To avoid unpleasant consequences, it is better to obtain the consent of the patient. Medication coding may not last long. Psychological support is definitely needed. Hypnosis works deeply and for a long time, but for this you need a suitable mental makeup and a good doctor.

Family behavior

Women often put pressure on their drinking husbands, scolding them, making scandals and plying them with numerous drugs. But without establishing a certain atmosphere in the house, all these attempts are unlikely to yield a positive result.

Basic advice from psychologists to help convince your husband to give up alcohol:

  1. Drunkenness should not be encouraged, but there is no need to create scandals. The alcoholic husband needs to be shamed and all complaints expressed to him in a calm tone.
  2. You need to understand that alcoholism is a disease, although it is associated with promiscuity. This needs to be explained to the rest of the family, especially children.
  3. All family members should stop drinking alcohol, at least in the presence of a drinking husband.
  4. If possible, even medications that contain alcohol should be removed from the house.
  5. There should be no tense atmosphere in the house. Try not to raise your voice in any situation, even if you need to scold your child for something wrong.
  6. If you decide to treat your husband for alcoholism in hidden ways, then all family members should keep this process secret.

Important! Tolerance is the main thing in treating an alcoholic husband, but you should not forgive him for his drinking. You need to express complaints and shame him, but calmly, without hysterics!

Treatment of spouse's alcoholism

When the cause is established, when the problem is clear to both spouses, treatment should be agreed upon. You can force your husband to stop drinking with threats, but this won’t last long. In the treatment of alcoholism, as doctors say, the most important thing is the patient’s consent. Awareness of the problem. The desire to stop the vicious circle. How can I help my husband stop drinking if he has realized the problem and is taking the first steps towards achieving the goal?

A woman needs to be patient and encourage her husband. Constantly telling him that she believes in him. Such banal words are of great benefit. A man must remain motivated. To help those struggling with alcoholism:

  • Chamomile tea will help relieve withdrawal symptoms. Chamomile flowers are brewed. And they drink fresh tea in the evenings.
  • Infusions with medicinal herbs: lemon balm, St. John's wort, fireweed, oregano. The herbal mixture is poured with boiling water and left to steam. Can be brewed in a thermos. The infusion should be cool. Drink the resulting liquid one tablespoon 7–8 times a day. Herbs relieve withdrawal symptoms and develop a stable aversion to alcohol.
  • Honey will help you get rid of alcoholism. This product is full of plant-based vitamins and phytonutrients. A healthy body is able to reject ethanol.

Male alcoholism responds well to treatment; you can save your spouse if you maintain good spirits and faith in his strength

Weaning your husband from drinking alcohol with the help of drugs that cause aversion to alcohol is a good option. But you should consult your doctor. Treatment method:

  • Conduct a full examination of the patient and make a diagnosis. It is necessary to find out the person's health status before starting to take medications.
  • After receiving the test results, the doctor will be able to prescribe adequate medications and prescribe a course of taking them. You should not self-medicate by buying an unknown miracle cure at a pharmacy on the advice of a neighbor. A person who drinks regularly can get severe poisoning that is incompatible with life.
  • Help from a psychotherapist. You should not refuse psychological help. As doctors have found out, it is regular observation by a psychologist that gives the most lasting results. Freeing yourself from alcohol addiction requires changing not only your habits and lifestyle, but also your way of thinking. This is often beyond the power of one person, so the help of a qualified specialist will come in handy.

When treating at home or in a hospital, you should remember that an alcoholic, even if he does not drink alcohol, remains an alcoholic. The period of abstinence may be equal to his life, but alcoholism and drug addiction are diseases for which there is no absolute cure. A person will have to remember his problem all his life and be careful. In case of severe intoxication, it is necessary to cleanse the body of toxins as soon as possible and continue therapy.

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