tricholomania in a child
Personal experienceTrichotillomania: I pulled out my eyelashes for ten years
What is trichotillomania and ICD code 10 Trichotillomania (code according to the international classification of diseases
Business game
Psychological game as a means of developing a student’s personality
Metaphorical business game A specific version of the business game introduced by Zh. V. Zavyalova is the metaphorical business game
“I wish I could hit the child on the head and throw myself under the train!” What are involuntary negative thoughts and how to respond to them
May the reader forgive me for the non-literary expression in the title of the article, but I don’t
Crisis of 30 years in women. Symptoms, how to overcome, advice from a psychologist
3 relationship mistakes after 30 that make women unhappy
What is the crisis of 30 years in women? When a personal crisis occurs, representatives of the fair sex
moneypapa-ru-What to do when you hate your job but can’t quit?
I became a teacher under my parents’ compulsion, and I can’t forgive them for it.
“I sincerely hate my job and have difficulty going to it” - something like this
How to forget your ex and start a new life?
How to forget your ex-love and stop living in the past: advice from a psychologist (how to get over a breakup)
“What if I let the past into my life again? Now everything will be
Hypnosis for children
Children's hypnosis - traditional and alternative medicine. ? Hypnosis for children: safe, effective techniques
The psyche of a child is absolutely different from that of an adult. It is formed through the acquisition of a mass of new knowledge. Intelligence
modest lonely girl
Loneliness together: three steps to restore emotional intimacy in a relationship
Professor, sociologist and researcher on family, marriage and relationships Carol Bruce says that
how to stop worrying before a performance
Homeopathy for fear of public speaking and stage
What is fear? Fear is a negative emotion that arises when danger approaches or is expected, regardless
The psychologist told how to protect yourself from toxic people
How to control yourself when communicating with an unpleasant interlocutor Do not copy behavior