Top 16 tips on how to overcome laziness and apathy and what to do about it
Apathy is the absence of feelings, desires in a person and complete indifference to everything. This
Be afraid... but act! How to turn fear from an enemy into an allyText
About the nature of fear Fear does not need any special introduction. Everyone is familiar with the situation when
Training in communication and positive attitude towards oneself (for schoolchildren) class hour
Good day everyone! Treating ourselves well is like a gift we take from
Free week of accommodation at the Autumn of Life boarding house
Aggression and depression are two problems of modern humanity
“5 Steps” Technique The fight against aggression is possible using the five steps technique, which allows you to throw in negative
moral standards
Lesson summary “Basic principles and moral standards”
Moral culture Moral norms and values ​​are the practical embodiment of morality. Their peculiarity is that
A man's anger and his love. Is it necessary to suppress anger?
The reason for the emergence of anger A person is constantly in society. He has to communicate a lot with different
Tips on how to quickly relieve physical and emotional fatigue
Laziness, fatigue, drowsiness and apathy - what are the reasons? To understand how to get rid of
Direct influence technique
Psychological techniques for manipulating mental consciousness
Definition of manipulation To date, researchers of manipulation techniques have formulated about 20 definitions with which they
Letter Psyche in the heart
Decoding children's drawings. Interpretation in psychology
Many psychologists have already confirmed that our drawings can tell a lot about our personality and character.
How to quickly calm down when you're angry? Methods that work
We're all angry. A colleague interrupted you at a meeting, your boss denied you a promotion, your loved one let you down