Some tips for managing your food needs
Less food, more vitamins Many are sure that the older a person is, the less food he needs
How to get a person to tell the truth: 4 surefire tricks
Psychological vampirism: How to get away from communicating with an unpleasant person
Techniques to help you find out the truth An effective, but very sophisticated technique is surprise. Confidentially talking with
Read online “An Introvert in an Extroverted World” by Elizaveta Romantseva – RuLit – Page 1
Decoding the concepts: introvert, extrovert and ambivert There are several basic personality characteristics that make everyone
School Outsiders Stars 1
School outsiders who became famous and successful
Outsiders in the structure of a social group An ecosystem is a structured and organized group that is inhabited by
Business ethics
1. Universal ethical and psychological norms and principles
It is impossible to imagine a social mechanism without the principles of communication on which certain norms and patterns are based
The foundations of character are laid in childhood
Objective indicators of self-control and subjective
Definition Control can be internal - directed at oneself, or external - regulating activities
Psychology - what kind of science is it, what does it study and by what methods?
Posted by Evgeniy on 03/10/2013. Published by Fundamentals of Psychology Last updated: 10/29/2017 There are a number of independent
Character accentuation is
Degree of character expression, accentuation of character traits
Definition of accentuation Excessive expression of character traits in a person is called accentuation. An accentuated personality is
Youth subcultures: types, benefits and harm
The influence of age subculture on child development
Article views: 1,079 Nowadays on the streets, especially in megalopolises and large cities, you can
Aggressive behavior of a child
Behavioral disorders in preschool children. article on the topic
Every society has certain standards of mental health, law, culture and morality. Social norms