Repetitive activities help a sick person cope with anxiety
Impulsive (obsessive) compulsive personality disorder. Causes, symptoms, how to determine, behavior, treatment
Symptoms of OCD You can suspect obsessive-compulsive disorder in yourself or your loved ones based on the following signs.
What is the friend zone: 7 main signs, reasons for the friend zone
There are known situations when a young man shows sympathy for a representative of the fairer sex, he would like to be
Marginalized - people who avoid social contacts
Marginal: definition, meaning of the word in simple words, examples of use. Who are the marginalized?
Marginal: definition Marginal is a person whose worldview, principles and way of life do not correspond
How to treat panic attacks at home
A panic attack is the result of a sudden release of special substances into the blood - catecholamines, produced by
Procrastination - what is it and how to stop procrastinating as a procrastinator
What is procrastination: how not to become its hostage and learn to move towards goals
Welcome readers of the online magazine “”! Today we will talk about procrastination: what it is in simple words,
Maslow's pyramid of needs and its application in life
Needs determine the life of mankind. Moreover, if they are not satisfied, people show impatience, and if
Introvert today
Sexual characteristics of introverts\extroverts. L. Akimova
General characteristics of an introvert The first description of two radically opposite types of people belongs to the famous psychologists Jung
Looks like it's for work, but I just want to lie down
What is dissonance in relationships? Cognitive dissonance and its manifestation in life.
Cognitive dissonance: what is it in simple words? Cognitive dissonance (translated from Latin “cognitio” - “cognitive process”,
Love is
Love - what kind of feeling is it from a psychological point of view?
Every person is unique. This statement concerns not only the genetic code, but also emotionality and sensuality.