How to deal with stress: 5 effective and quick methods

How to cope with stress? How to become a stress-resistant person? Why is stress dangerous? What is the prevention and treatment of stress? What techniques, principles and ways of dealing with stress exist?

Stress has long become an obligatory attribute in the life of a modern person. Sometimes it is difficult for people to even realize this, so when they come out of this state, they feel uncomfortable. Doctors are sounding the alarm, because long-term stressful situations contribute to the development of diseases of the cardiovascular system, neuroses, pathologies of the digestive tract and other health problems. For this reason, it is important to learn how to deal with stress, as well as correctly respond to factors that can provoke stressful situations.

What is stress

Nervous stress is a set of reactions of the body to the influence of various factors that disrupt its self-regulation and normal functioning of the nervous system . There are both negative and positive forms of stress, but there is no doubt that any of its effects on the body produces certain, not always good, consequences.

There are three stages of its development:

Emotional reaction of anxiety

Our body reacts to the appearance of a real or imaginary stimulus by releasing the hormones adrenaline and cortisol into the blood . Under natural conditions, this increases physical abilities - this is inherent in a person by nature, thus the brain prepares the body to survive in an emergency situation (this reaction of the body is called “fight or flight”). But since there is no real threat to life, wasted hormones cause stress, a person loses self-control and the ability to control himself.

Resistance, adaptation

With the regular release of hormones, the body begins to increase its resistance until it exceeds the norm.


The body's resources are not unlimited; there comes a time when the strength runs out. Feelings of fatigue, devastation, and guilt appear. There is a risk of psychosomatic complications.


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  • 2 Additional techniques for dealing with stress
  • 3 Exercises to relieve stress 3.1 Example lesson
  • 3.2 Psychological techniques for stress relief
  • 4 How to treat stress
  • Under stress, the body begins to work completely differently - cardiac activity increases, the production of stress hormones increases, and a load on the human nervous system occurs. In this way, the body tries to cope with external stimuli. Stress not only affects the psyche, but also significantly worsens physical condition.

    Methods for dealing with stress

    How to notice stress in time

    There are several reliable signs that will help you understand that a problem already exists.

    Symptoms of emotional state

    • mood swings;
    • feeling of uncontrollable anxiety;
    • obsessive thoughts, anxiety;
    • irritability, short temper;
    • moodiness;
    • feelings of isolation and loneliness;
    • Panic attacks are a key signal.

    Physiological signs

    • constant fatigue;
    • insomnia;
    • muscle tension;
    • blood pressure surges;
    • increased heart rate;
    • slowdown of the digestive system;
    • exacerbation of chronic diseases.

    Having several signs at once may indicate that you are under a lot of stress and need help!

    The harm and benefits of slugs in the garden

    Slugs are active only at night or in inclement weather. The presence of the parasite can be detected by a silvery trail of dried mucus on the leaves or by eaten leaves and fruits.

    They cause harm because they eat:

    • sprouts and young seedlings;
    • fruits of garden trees;
    • tubers and roots located at ground level;
    • strawberries and strawberries;
    • grown vegetable plants;
    • flowers and other garden plants.

    The benefit of slugs is that by eating lichens, mushrooms and fallen leaves, they help process organic debris. Avid fishermen use slugs as bait on a hook to catch large fish. Some homeowners specifically breed slugs to feed chickens.

    How to deal with slugs in the garden

    However, this creature should mainly be considered as a dangerous pest of gardens and vegetable gardens. If starting symptoms are detected, measures must be immediately taken to destroy it.

    Important! Slugs are also dangerous because they can carry viral and bacterial infections, spores of helminths and fungi, which can make garden plants and pets sick.

    What is the danger of stress for a person? How the central nervous system reacts to stress

    Our condition is regulated by the nervous and endocrine systems. Much depends on the balance of hormones and substances in the blood, including the condition of internal organs.

    The central nervous system includes the human brain and spinal cord. The remaining nerves together constitute the peripheral nervous system, which in turn is divided into two parts - somatic and autonomic. The nerves of the somatic nervous system are connected to the muscles, and the autonomic nervous system (ANS) controls the automatic functions of the body (temperature, heartbeat, blood pressure).

    One of the two components of the ANS, the sympathetic nervous system, is activated when we are under stress. This is one of the mechanisms of the stress response. The second component is the parasympathetic nervous system - a kind of switch; it acts as a brake, helping a person relax and turn off the stress reaction. The stress response originates in the brain and sends signals through all the nerves, stimulating various organs, including the heart, stomach and adrenal glands.

    Why stress is dangerous for the central nervous system

    The second mechanism of response to stress is the launch of hormonal chain reactions . It begins in the hypothalamus and pituitary gland, which regulate the hormonal system. During a stress response, the hypothalamus begins to secrete corticotropin-releasing hormone (CRH), then the pituitary gland secretes the hormone adrenocorticotropin. Together, this causes the adrenal glands to secrete the main stress hormone, cortisol. It is an anti-inflammatory hormone that suppresses immune system cells and prepares the body for possible damage.

    Constantly high levels of cortisol can lead to very unpleasant consequences, such as increased anxiety and stress, decreased muscle mass, increased body fat, increased depression, decreased sex drive, impaired memory and learning abilities. In addition, everything that happens directly affects the immune system. The risk of autoimmune diseases increases, and heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and cancer may also develop.

    Interesting fact

    The body's primary response to stress, called "fight or flight", was described in 1915 by Walter Cannon. He was a physiologist by training, but most of his theories are related to psychology. His worldwide fame, however, is associated with the development of the theory of self-regulation of the body, called “homeostasis.”

    The popularity of this theory was so high that Cannon was made an honorary doctor by a huge number of universities in many countries around the world. And in 1942 he received the title of honorary member of the USSR Academy of Sciences.

    Types of medications for nerves and stress

    What people drink to combat stress is a very common question. Various medications to normalize the nervous system now occupy a decent part of the pharmaceutical market. New generation drugs make it possible not only to get out of stress with minimal losses, but also to increase your resistance to stress. Many people believe that if you have any anxiety, you can take a pill and everything will go away.

    However, before using medications, it is recommended to consult a doctor , who will select the necessary medications and calculate the dose. Uncontrolled use may not only not help, but make it worse. Self-use of medications is possible if the stress is not long-term, for example, when a person wants to cope with nerves before an exam, or is afraid of flying on an airplane. However, when treating chronic stress, medications should only be selected by a specialist.

    stress pills

    What can you drink for your nerves? Drugs called psychotropic drugs will help cope with nervous tension. Since there are a huge number of causes and symptoms, the drugs affect different factors and areas of the nervous system. Therefore, all pills for anxiety, nerves and stress can be divided into several groups.


    In case of severe stress, sedatives can calm feelings, relieve excitability and anxiety, and normalize sleep. They have almost no side effects and are not addictive . These are mainly bromine-based medicines, as well as herbal extracts; motherwort, valerian and lemon balm are often used. They are also used for hypertension and rapid heartbeat.

    Nootropics or neurometabolic stimulants

    They help with stress and have a positive effect on mental activity, memory, and learning ability. They do not cause addiction or overstimulation . Suitable for people who are in long-term stressful situations.

    Such drugs will help with impaired blood circulation in the brain, fatigue, and difficulties in adaptation.

    Normotimic drugs

    These medications aim to normalize the patient's mood. They are used in the treatment of depression, affective disorders, and will help quickly cope with stress, tension, irritability and impulsivity.

    Central nervous system stimulants

    These funds increase endurance and attention, increase performance and help with serious stress. However, they all have serious side effects such as extreme fatigue after the substance wears off . In addition, they should not be used for a long time, as constant use can cause addiction. Therefore, it is better to get a doctor's advice.


    They will help relieve stress, overcome fear, anxiety and panic; they are used for anxiety, nervous excitability, and epilepsy. Such drugs have a very strong sedative effect, so after their use drowsiness appears, attention and performance decrease . There are quite a lot of side effects, tremors in the hands and weakness in the muscles may occur; these drugs are also easy to get used to, so they are taken only under the supervision of a doctor. A prominent representative of tranquilizers is Phenazepam.


    These are the most widely used medications for coping with anxiety and stress . They help relieve and prevent depression, are a way to reduce the risk of suicidal symptoms, and help cure panic disorders and social phobias. But serious side effects such as hallucinations and paranoia make it possible to use antidepressants only under medical supervision.


    All antipsychotics effectively affect the so-called productive symptoms, that is, they help get rid of hallucinations, delusions, mania and aggressiveness. But these are drugs that have a strong effect on brain cells, both on sick and healthy ones. They inhibit the nervous system and should not be used at home .
    In cases of suspected such serious mental disorders, you should not hesitate, you should immediately consult a doctor.

    Shield: features of appearance

    The insect is difficult to notice, especially on the bark. Scale insects can be found on almost any part of the plant, including the roots. It has a unique appearance, which makes it difficult to confuse it with other pests, but there are also insects similar to it, in particular, the false scale insect.

    Adults have the following external features:

    • covered with a shield, the color of which can be either uniform or with stripes and spots;
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    There are many varieties, but they all undergo incomplete transformation. The eggs are extremely small, making them very difficult to find. The larvae do not have any unique features. After the first molt, they become motionless and resemble adults in appearance.

    How dangerous is scale insects?

    Read in more detail in our other article about why scale insects are dangerous for plants, as well as about the features of its appearance.

    The arthropod feeds on plant sap. At the same time, it lives in groups, which causes serious damage to any crops. Large colonies can lead to partial or complete death of trees. The animal reproduces by parthenogenesis, due to which they quickly increase the population size. The shield protects the pest from most types of influences. It should be taken into account that adults and eggs tolerate cold well.

    Another serious problem is that the insect is very picky about food, temperature, humidity and light. It even affects indoor plants. Scale insect secretions also pose a huge threat. Saprophytic fungi form on them, which cause the appearance of honeydew and blackhead.

    Alternative ways to deal with stress

    Severe stress can bring many unpleasant emotions to any of us. But methods of dealing with frayed nerves include not only drug correction; stress can be overcome in other ways. What to do when you're stressed and you're against taking medications? Let's look at methods and techniques that help correct your state of mind without resorting to artificially synthesized substances.

    how to cope with stress

    Psychotherapeutic methods

    Psychotherapy has long won the title of an effective method of treating various psycho-emotional disorders. Usually a person knows, or at least guesses, the causes of his stress. But it also happens that the origins of the current state should be sought deeper. What to do if you are overcome by excitement and nervousness for no apparent reason - of course, consult a specialist.

    To relieve stress and its consequences, psychotherapists use various methods, each time focusing on a specific person. There are different types of therapy. A few main ones: Gestalt therapy, cognitive and behavioral therapies, which can be used individually or together, and hypnosis.

    Gestalt therapy

    This type of therapy is aimed at strengthening the psychological position of the individual. Its main goal is to help a person fully realize himself. Psychological assistance consists of teaching patients to rely on their desires and needs, taking into account real circumstances, not to accumulate negativity, not to suppress their feelings and to express themselves in all available types of activities and communication.

    Cognitive therapy

    Based on the assumption that personality problems lie in errors of thinking. The main goal of therapy is to correct the patient’s thinking, eliminating illogical and inappropriate beliefs, and thereby teach him to solve problems and find ways out of situations that previously seemed insurmountable.

    Behavioral therapy

    Since behaviorism believes that all behavior consists of reflexes, reactions to certain stimuli and the consequences of individual history, therapy focuses on the practical control of a person's behavior.

    hypnosis stress


    More than 9,000 people have gotten rid of their psychological problems using this technique.

    In this case, the doctor resorts to suggestion, which allows you to get rid of stress, improve your psycho-emotional state and remove nervous tension.

    It is also very important to choose “your” doctor. A good specialist will tell you how to get through a difficult period, give advice against aggression, and help you protect yourself.

    By the way, the first mention of psychotherapy dates back to 1873. This term was used by Daniel H. Tuke. He defined this concept as an application to medical practice based on knowledge of the influence of the mind on the body.

    This terminology is quite close to modern. But, of course, it finally began to take shape only when Sigmund Freud, working with patients, began conducting sessions of conversational psychotherapy.

    Physiotherapeutic treatments

    Physiotherapy is a special field of medicine that studies the effects of natural and artificially created natural factors on humans. There are quite a lot of physiotherapeutic techniques as ways to combat stress.


    With this procedure, low-intensity current and short pulses irritate certain areas of the brain. There are two phases of electrosleep. The first is the inhibition phase, during which a person becomes drowsy, decreases heart rate, and slows breathing. The disinhibition phase begins after the procedure - mood improves, vigor and energy appear. It is these two phases that are the main direction in the action of electrosleep. Thus, it not only does not cause complications and intoxication, unlike sleeping on medications, but also stimulates the restoration of the nervous system, and also has a long-lasting calming effect.

    Amplipulse therapy and galvanization

    Both procedures involve exposure to currents through the skin. As a result of amplipulse therapy, the hormonal and immune state improves. Galvanization changes blood circulation and nutrition of the brain.

    Ultrasound and magnetic therapy

    As the names suggest, in this case the body is exposed to ultrasound as a micro-massage, and magnetic fields that improve the ability of molecules in tissues to pass through membranes. As a result, the body begins to cope with nervous tension, vascular spasm decreases, and the excitability of nerve cells decreases.

    Paraffin therapy, acupuncture, acupressure

    These therapies involve thermal (paraffin) and mechanical (needles, massage) effects that help relieve stress, have an analgesic and calming effect.

    Treatment of stress with physiotherapy involves the use of several methods in combination. Therefore, the best thing you can do after severe stress is to go to a sanatorium, where they will help you remove all the negative consequences.

    Resort and SPA therapy

    Dealing with stress does not always involve serious treatment. Sometimes the body just needs to relax, and then various techniques come into play to allow it to recover naturally. These include treatment with mineral waters, the sea, mud therapy, and a Turkish bath. You can also relax with a massage, chocolate and coffee spa therapy and other pleasant treatments. Rest is a vital period for any person, providing an opportunity to put thoughts and emotions in order.

    stress meditation


    There are many meditation techniques. During meditation, the practitioner usually needs to take a certain position (you can choose the most comfortable one for you) and relax. It’s almost impossible to meditate when you’re nervous, so let off some steam first, and only then start doing the meditation methodically.

    Note editor:

    By the way, the method mentioned at the end of the article does not require any preliminary preparation AT ALL . The one who decides that he is ready is ready. And honestly, I personally can say with confidence that this is practically the only way to completely get rid of stress and anxiety on your own.

    You need to not pay attention to external factors and thoughts, but concentrate on the sensations inside the body, internal images, or emotions. Meditation goes well with breathing exercises. It will help get rid of negative energy, and exercise will improve physical health.


    This method of relieving tension is similar to meditation, but is aimed primarily at relaxing the body. Relaxation is not only relaxation, it entails mental and mental liberation. And performing it is not at all difficult, you need to lie on your back and alternately strain and then relax parts of the body, starting with the head . This will help relieve constant stress and restore a state of peace.

    Breathing techniques

    If you are thinking about how to get rid of nervous tension and anxiety on your own, start by using breathing techniques. Breathing that can relieve stress or reduce its severity is diaphragmatic. As you inhale and exhale, watch your stomach so that it inflates and falls accordingly . This method is good for relieving stress at work - you can do the exercises while just sitting at your desk.

    Visualization method

    Another exercise for relieving tension during severe stress is to write or draw on paper what is bothering you, and then burn the paper.

    Method of shouting into space

    How can a woman relieve stress? There is a great way - scream for a few minutes ! You can add some physical actions: throwing things, breaking dishes, hitting a pillow, or throwing darts. You can go study wrestling techniques, just make sure you don’t get caught in someone else’s hands when you’re stressed!

    This method is suitable for both women and men - for example, in Japan, some companies make special soft rooms to help their employees deal with stress at work by relieving nervous tension.

    Art therapy

    This is a very good technique for getting rid of anxiety and stress. Used to establish a stronger connection between therapist and patient. Often used when working with children. The main point of art therapy is to switch a person’s attention from the problem to creativity, to stop focusing on the traumatic situation. There are a huge number of types of art that can help you get rid of stress and anxiety. This includes drawing, painting, music, dance, books, theater and much more. Everyone can choose the direction that suits them.

    The amazing "Mozart Effect" . It is reliably known that before the start of his career, Gerard Depardieu suffered from a severe stutter and could not complete a single sentence. His mentor sent him to the doctor Alfred Tomatis.

    Tomatis determined that the cause of vocal breakdowns and memory problems lay in the emotional sphere, and prescribed Depardieu a course of treatment: come to the hospital every day for several weeks and listen to Mozart for two hours! Improvement appeared after just a few procedures, and after a few months Depardieu returned to acting school without any speech problems!

    Research into the impact of Mozart's music became widespread in the 1990s. Although scientists are still debating the nature of this effect, it is well proven that Mozart's music invariably calms the patient, improves his spatial awareness and allows him to express himself more vividly.

    Animal therapy or animal therapy

    As the name suggests, having a pet helps combat stress and nervous tension. These could be pets such as a dog, cat, fish or birds. Or you can take a course in communication with dolphins, or practice hippotherapy - therapeutic horse riding.

    stress animal therapy

    Just be careful, there are contraindications for these types of therapy, in addition, communication with animals is always fraught with risk, and some of them may cause you to be allergic.

    Animal therapy helps both to overcome stress and to help with socialization and eliminate the feeling of loneliness . Insomnia, neurosis and a feeling of constant anxiety will also go away.


    Everyone knows treatment with leeches. These worms not only inject beneficial substances into the blood, but also “unload the bloodstream” by removing excess blood.

    Color stimulation

    Exposure of the body to visible multi-colored light rays. Depending on the color, it helps to both calm down (blue) and increase self-confidence (yellow) and appetite (orange), as well as increase performance (green). Not only color is important, its shades, light level and signal rhythm also matter.


    Helps relieve stress by influencing the sense of smell with aromas . Essential oils can be used for massage, added to cream, or applied using aroma lamps. A fairly easy way to relieve stress is to take a bath with a few drops of lavender, ylang-ylang, lemon balm and cedar oils.

    get rid of stress

    Herbal treatment

    Various herbal infusions are used. Treatment does not involve quick relief of symptoms, but rather maintenance therapy and a way to protect against relapse . A systematic approach is important here - for example, a course lasting 2-3 months is prescribed in spring and autumn for children suffering from nervous stuttering. The doctor must give the prescription.


    One of the best and most enjoyable ways to relieve stress . If finances allow you, you can go on a trip. Just remember to plan everything and take care of your comfort - this will help you avoid difficulties when visiting unfamiliar places.


    During times of stress, we are not protected. If you discover dangerous symptoms in a person close to you, you should not put pressure on him or impose your opinion: remember, what helped one person will not necessarily help another. If you are asked for help, you first need to gently suggest how you can learn to cope with stress, or support when it is clear that you need to see a specialist . Be vigilant, and in a stressful situation you can both calm yourself and protect others.

    Radical method - when everything is enough

    How to get out of a stressful situation when you don’t see any way? When it seems that no struggle helps, and all efforts only make things worse?

    There is another special method of fighting. We are talking about a system called Turbo-Suslik. She suggests clearing the mind and consciousness of mental debris, in the broadest sense of the phrase. Which will relieve not only stress, but also a lot of other “charms” that society has awarded us, and just life.

    You can read more about the technique in this article .

    This method is not suitable for everyone, since it is not easy to survive dramatic changes in your views and life attitudes, especially when this happens in a matter of months. For this reason, before you begin, you need to carefully weigh the pros and cons.

    If you don’t want to give up and are ready to really, and not in words, fight for your full and happy life, you may be interested in this article .

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