Buying Chicken: How to Select Quality Products

Buying chicken can be more informed and of higher quality if you follow certain guidelines. Here are some key points to consider when choosing products:

1. Chicken Type:

  • Broilers: Young chickens raised for meat. Typically, broiler meat is tender and juicy.
  • Laying hens: Used for egg production. Meat from laying hens can be tougher.

2. Marking and Certification:

  • Make sure your chicken is properly labeled and certified to ensure its safety and quality.

3. Freshness:

  • Skin color: Fresh meat should have a pink tint. Avoid products with pale or gray skin.
  • Smell: The chicken should have a fresh, mild smell. Unpleasant odors may indicate spoilage.

4. Package:

  • Check the integrity of the packaging. It must be intact, without damage or traces of external influences.

5. Production Date and Expiration Date:

  • Pay attention to the production date and expiration date. Choose products with a later production date.

6. Bleaches:

  • Avoid chickens that have been bleached with chemicals. This may be stated in the ingredients.

7. Chicken Diet:

  • Chickens fed natural grains and grass generally produce tastier meat. Learn about the diet of chickens.

8. Meat with or without bone:

  • Decide whether you want to buy the meat with or without the bone. Meat with bones may be juicier, but weighs more.

9. Brand and Manufacturer:

  • Choose products from trusted brands or local producers with a good reputation.

10. Storage conditions:

  • Follow the storage conditions indicated on the packaging. Meat must be stored at a certain temperature.

11. Pre-Purchase Inspection:

  • If possible, inspect the chicken before purchasing. Make sure it has no visible defects or damage.

By following these recommendations, you will be able to choose and buy chicken products more consciously, getting high-quality and tasty meat for your table.