Fire metal doors


Metal fire doors are special structures designed to prevent the spread of fire and smoke in buildings in the event of a fire. They have increased fire resistance and are an important part of the fire safety system. In this article we will talk about the characteristics of metal fire doors, their application and importance in ensuring fire safety.

Characteristics of fire metal doors

Fire metal doors have the following characteristics:

  • Manufactured from special fire-resistant materials such as steel or highly fire-resistant alloys.
  • They have a high degree of fire resistance and are able to withstand high temperatures for a certain time.
  • They can be single-leaf or double-leaf, depending on the needs and size of the opening.
  • Fire doors are equipped with special hermetic seals that prevent the penetration of smoke and fire.
  • They have automatic or manual closing mechanisms that ensure reliable closure of the door in the event of a fire.
  • Fire doors may be equipped with viewing windows or special transparent materials to provide visibility through the door.

Application of fire metal doors

Metal fire doors are used in various situations to ensure fire safety:

  • Installed in buildings to separate fire compartments and prevent fire from spreading to other areas.
  • Fire doors are often used in fire shafts, stairwells and interior corridors to create escape routes.
  • They can also be installed in walls that separate production areas or storage areas.
  • Metal fire doors are widely used in commercial and residential buildings, as well as in public places.

The importance of metal fire doors

Metal fire doors play a key role in ensuring fire safety:

  • They prevent the spread of fire and smoke, which helps limit fire damage.
  • Fire doors provide a safe escape route for building occupants in the event of a fire.
  • They help rescuers fight fires more effectively by concentrating the fire in one room.
  • The installation of fire doors is a mandatory requirement of building codes and fire safety regulations.